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The Game

Imagine "Calvin and Hobbes" as a video game

"Teddy and Bo: Search for the Dream Catcher” is a 3D platformer, set inside a child's dream.

After monsters escape from under the bed, Teddy and Bo must go on a quest to defeat them and restore balance between dreams and nightmares.

During their quest, Teddy and Bo will explore different dream worlds with unique environments and play styles.


The quest includes...

  • Escaping a giant bedroom

  • Traversing across household furniture over a floor of lava

  • Evading hall monitors and cootie zombies in a school house

  • Touring a giant city made of cardboard boxes

  • Exploring a monster village under the bed

  • Roaming a pirate island

  • Duels at dawn in the wild west

  • And more!

Cool Pics
The Comic

The Comic Book

Sorry, this part of the site

still needs to be updated.

More comic book info coming soon!

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