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Imagine "Calvin and Hobbes" as a 3D Platformer.


"Teddy and Bo: Search for the Dream Catcher” is a 3D platformer, set inside a child's dream.

  • Players relive their childhood imagination through Teddy and Bo's adventures and enjoy the fun throwback gameplay of 3D platformers.

  • Players play as Teddy, an imaginative 6-year-old boy, and are joined by his best friend and sidekick; Bo the bear.

  • Players can switch control between Teddy and Bo anytime.

  • After monsters escape from under his bed, Teddy must go on a quest to defeat them and restore balance between dreams and nightmares.

  • Teddy's quest will take him and Bo on an adventure that only a child could think of.

  • The quest includes...

  • Escaping a giant bedroom.

  • Traversing across household furniture over a floor of lava.

  • Evading hall monitors and cootie-zombies in a haunted schoolhouse.

  • Touring a giant city made of cardboard boxes.

  • Exploring a monster village under the bed.

  • Roaming a pirate island.

  • Duels at dawn in the wild west.

  • And more!

Demo Gameplay

Gameplay Montage

Challenge Mode

Bo Gameplay


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